• Nails come in 5 lengths, 4 shapes, French tip or solid colors, Pink, Red, White, and Blue. Have a variety of sets to fit your lifestyle. Your individual impressions are scanned and archived so re-ordering additional sets is easy and you don’t have to impression again. 


  • Nails can be left plain, painted with a clear top coat, any color or brand nail polish, apply nail art or nail wraps. When you are done with that specific look, remove with nail polish remover. Nails are applied with an easy to use brush on adhesive.


  • This system evolved from the dental industry. Your nail beds are as unique to you as your fingerprint. Your created nails will fit no one else in THE WORLD but you. Can you say EXCLUSIVE!


  • Enjoy comfortable, natural looking, stronger, reusable nails that are virtually indestructible and provide years of wear.


  • Have beautiful, glamorous nails on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. Superior nail beauty and quality is now at your fingertips.



  • 1.  Place order and the Custom Nail Solutions Impression System will be sent to you.

  • 2.  Return completed impressions using the same box & included return shipping label covering the 48 domestic states. Shipping is extra for Hawaii, Alaska and all International Countries. All other shipping needs, including returns, are at the expense of the customer.

  • 3.  Created nails will be returned to you inside your maintenance kit which includes what you need to apply, remove & care for your nails. Creation process is 12-28 BUSINESS DAYS, DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIME. Individual supplies may be ordered as needed.


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