How are my nails applied?

With an easy to use brush on adhesive.

What is the wear time of my custom nails?

Wear time varies with each individual depending on personal chemistry, personal hygiene and proper application; range is 10 days – 4 weeks. As your natural nail grows the custom nail will extend with that growth. Proper preparation of your natural nails as well as proper application will ensure longer wear time. Watch the Application Tutorial located on this website and read the Application Guide in full that was included with your nails BEFORE application.

What happens if I lose a nail or would like to order more nails?

Your unique scans for all 10 nails are archived in a data base. Re-ordering lost nails or ordering additional sets is easy. Have a variety of sets to fit your lifestyle. Nails come in 5 Lengths, 3 Shapes & 2 Designs. Single Nail Re-cut is $14.99 all 10 Re-cut is $79.99 may order off the web site or send by contacting us.

What makes Custom Nail Solutions Nail System superior to other nail applications?

Convenience value, comfort, nail health and freedom. This breakthrough technology has eliminated painful harsh drillings, scrapings, toxic chemicals and fillings to your natural nails as well as unpleasant smells. You now have available your very own, custom fit, comfortable, natural looking, durable nails that are individually numbered for easy application. Say yes to freedom and enjoy on your schedule. Your nail bed is as unique to you as your fingerprint. When a custom set of nails is created they will fit no one else in the world but you. Celebrate your uniqueness.

Can I paint or adorn my nails?

Yes. You may adorn your nails any way you like. They may be left plain, apply a clear top coat, any color or brand polish, nail wraps, nail art may be applied. When you are done with that specific look remove with nail polish remover. Nails will not stain or be harmed.

Can I file my nails and change the length or shape?

Yes. File your custom fit nails while they are adhered to your natural nails. Using the included file, start with one of the pinky fingers and file slowly. WHAT YOU FILE OFF IS GONE. Your nails are finished to your specific selections on your signed and dated order form. Wear your nails for a few days before you make alterations, giving an opportunity to get use to them. All 10 of your nail beds are different in length shape and size. Your custom fit nails will augment this. Tips may wear down depending on owners use over time. CNS does not guarantee tip shape or wear time.

Can I thin my nails?

No. Your custom nails are a certain thickness for a reason. Thinning may compromise the integrity of the nail, cause lifting and reduce wear time, and voids any warranty. Your custom nails have a patented proprietary finish technique applied to them.

What if my custom nails crack, chip, break or is ill fitting?

Your custom nails are made out of a virtually unbreakable plastic. The nail or nails in question must be returned with a tracking number to the company and will be assessed and reviewed. You will be contacted as to a replacement nail or nails. CNS guarantees the shape of your natural nail bed curve for life. Tips may wear down depending on owner’s use over time. CNS does not guarantee tip shape or wear for life. The nails created are only as good as the impressions received. Creating your personal impressions is not difficult but they must be accurate. It is imperative that you follow the written instructions included in your Impression System and watch the Instructional Impression Tutorial located on this website BEFORE you take your impressions.

Returns & Refunds?

Your nail bed is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Your created nails can only be worn by you. This is a custom fit product. No Refunds or Returns.

Will Custom Nail Solution’s nails damage my natural nails?

Damage is possible. Any artificial nail application can cause nail damage. Every woman’s experience may vary according to personal chemistry, cleanliness, and proper application. Many long term wearers of historic artificial nail treatments can have substantial nail damage. However, damaged nail beds will grow back to a healthy condition once the toxic products are removed. Precise application and maintenance procedures must be followed to get the best experience with your custom fit nails. If you are a long term acrylic wearer and have nail damage from this experience please note that as your natural nail heals your original set of custom nails may not fit right over time and you will have to re-impression. Please contact the company and we will assist you in this process.

Can I get fungus, mold or infection under my nails?

Yes. If your nail beds are extremely damaged you will be at a higher risk for this issue. When your nail beds grow back healthy the issue usually terminates. With consistent removal of your custom nails and proper care of your natural nails, fungus and mold have less of a chance to take hold. If you have had a history or a fungus or mold does occur it is suggested that you’re custom nails stay off until it is treated and gone. Treat the area in question with an anti-fungal medication that you can get at a local drug store or pharmacy. Follow the directions. Regular buffing of the area and regular hand washing is also helpful. If the condition does not go away see a doctor immediately.

How often should I remove and reapply my custom nails?

After your wear time, it is recommended that you leave your custom nails off for a while. It is during this time that you should apply a few coats of the Nail Protector or any nail protector/hardener of your choice. This should be removed before you put your custom nails back on. You can also wear your custom nails for just a special event (meaning, only for a day upto a few days and then remove them). You must apply the Debonder over the entire nail bed and not apply as much adhesive. They will release much faster and easier and provide you with shorter wear time.

How does it work for International orders?

Custom Nail Solutions is an International Company. If you are having issues placing an International Order please email your exact shipping address and what you want to purchase to: and a Pay Pal Invoice will be sent to you. Upon receipt of payment your product will be shipped. Custom Nail Solutions is not responsible for custom/dues or tax fees in respective countries.

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